Customer needs are satisfied with the
skills of masters for a more convenient
process and baking quality perfection.

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Daehung Softmill

  • 1   40-sheet oven

    Development of the 40-sheet oven
    chosen by a five-star luxury hotel
  • 2   Eco-friendly oven

    Economical and eco-friendly oven with
    minimal heat loss
  • 3   Digital Control System

    Easy-to-use digital control

LCD-TFT touch screen

The control panel composed of a LCD-TFT screen shows the baking operation state intuitively and the baking settings can be used conveniently through the icon-touch method.
Euro-Baker Oven

Euro-Baker Oven LCD-TFT touch screen Image

High-speed precision care with
built-in microcomputer

The 7-inch TFT touch screen operation panel shows the baking operation status. The temperature range is from 0~400℃, and the control precision is ±1℃. The baking recipes can be stored up to 60, and variety of recipe is possible with 5-step PID automatic temperature control method.

Convection Oven

Convection Oven LCD-TFT touch screen Image

Baking image auto MODE

If you save a creatively developed recipe, the bread icon is displayed in standby mode. Baking mode can be selected from the following: Automatic Mode, Manual Mode, and Reservation Mode. You can save up to 99 recipe images.

Convection Oven

4-speed fan control

The fan speed and direction are changed from forward to reverse directions to evenly distribute circulating wind inside. Preheat is completed quickly through circulation and temperature is maintained precisely, thus making optimal baking possible.
Convection Oven fan drawing and illustration image
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