Softmill is heading toward
the future through ceaseless
technological research.

Innovative Technology Center

Softmill conducts R&D for new products that integrate ICT technologies of the digital transformation age at its proprietary technological research center.

Photographic images of the exterior and interior of the Daeheung Softmill Technology Research Institute building

Engineering design office

We set thorough quality standards in the development design stage and design structures that can withstand commercial
environments to ensure quality. The developed prototypes undergo repeated tests at the technological research center, and after
using the product for a set period of time at a sample store, the product’s hardware and software are verified, and then it finally
enters the mass production stage.

Product Schematic Image

Precise product blueprints

One employee's computer-working photo image1

Precise 3D modeling design

Electronic control circuit test room

PCB of all control, power and operation parts of products only use electronic circuits and electronic parts that passed specific
conditions through strict tests. Products subject to electric item safety certification and electromagnetic wave suitability registration
receive such certifications from competent authorities for production and shipment.

One employee's computer-working photo image2

Electronic control circuit firmware program development

LCD-Touch Screen Control Panel Function and Response Test Screen Image

LCD-touch screen control panel functions and reaction test

PCB Electronic Circuit Board Photo Image

PCB electronic circuit board test jig

Electrical Safety Certification and Electromagnetic Compatibility Mark Image

Acquired electric safety certification and electromagnetic wave passing certification from the competent authorities

Bakery Lab

Newly researched and developed products are tested by a master confectionery and bakery technician of Daehung Softmill at the
Confectionery & Bakery Lab to check bakery performance and quality, and after repeated tests on user convenience, etc., only
products that are approved by bakers are launched as products.

Photo image of the interior of the bakery laboratory

Inside of Confectionery & Bakery Lab

Photo image of an employee testing baking at a bakery

Only products that completed baking tests by the master confectionery & bakery technician are released as products

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