We have been growing continuously.

As Korea’s only general confectionery and bakery machine manufacturer, Daehung Softmill has been striving to provide products with better technologies and quality to customers since our founding in 1989. We have been overcoming difficult business environment, while continuously researching and developing innovative technologies and we are not forgetting our principles for creating greater values. Thanks to the trust and support of our customers, we have grown into a premium brand as the nation’s only confectionery and bakery machine maker. Ever since being selected as a Korean Master Hand in 2011, my goal was to foster human resources that could contribute to and serve the country and ‘cultivate key capacities’ company-wide. In 2014, we were selected as a company to implement the ‘work-learn program’, which was a major policy project of the government, and we established the ‘Master Skill Training Institute’ with the sponsorship of the Human Resources Development Service of Korea. We established and expanded our infrastructure so that youths could work and learn at the same time to develop into skilled technicians, and we created a system for all employees to receive education and grow based on our unique specialized human resource fostering program. We will not forget our mindset as a manager that places utmost priority on customers. In addition, we will strive to continuously provide customer-oriented products and services. We will continue to work hard both day and night to become Korea’s only global general confectionery and bakery machine maker.

Thank you.
Daehung Softmill CEO Kim Dae-In
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